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Shalimar is known for its century-old know-how and expertise in Marine requirements. Starting with Red Hand of PJA Group and thereafter Courtaulds Plc, UK, our global technology associations have given us the expertise in providing the complete range of marine paints and handling a variety of customer requirements.

We have supplied paints for Rani Padmini, the first vessel 76000 DWT Cargo Carrier, built In Cochin Shipyard. We were the first to produce Zinc Silicate Coatings indigenously, which was used in ONGC's Jag-Up-Rig Sagar Samrat. We were the first to manufacture EPM Electro Print Marking Primers replacing imports from Japan. We have the entire range and complete system of painting for:

  • New Construction Shop Primers
  • Under Water Anticorrosive & Antifouling paints
  • Boot Top & Top Side paints
  • Superstructure, Decks and Accomodation area coatings
  • Potable water tank coatings
  • Tanks & Cargo Holds coatings