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Superlac Satin Finish Enamel

Starts at Rs. 296 per litre

Superlac Satin Finish Enamel

A soft-sheen paint from Shalimar for both exterior and interior application. A fast drying enamel, Superlac Satin Finish offers a low-sheen smooth finish, like the softness of flower petals.


  • Available in pack sizes of 1 & 4 litres
  • Finish: Smooth, satin gloss
  • Coverage: Approx. 180-200 sq. ft. / l / coat on smooth non-absorbent surfaces with brush application
  • Surface dry: 3 hrs at 30 +/-1 degrees C and 65% +/- 5% R.H.
  • Re-coat time: 8 hrs minimum
  • Thinner: Turpsol or GP thinner
  • Area of application: Metal, wood, plaster, concrete, truck/bus bodies, signboards and all architectural jobs for both interior and exterior surfaces