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The Art & Science of Paints

At Shalimar Paints, ‘Art & Science’ co-exist in perfect harmony to create superior quality durable paints. Under every coat of our paint lies a powerful layer of science designed to deliver a beautiful and long-lasting finish.

Shalimar Paints has perfected this art of blending aesthetics and chemistry over the last 113 years in manufacturing high performance paints that deliver beautiful, rich finishes. From mining the best quality pigments to packaging and sealing of cans, Shalimar’s inventive DNA empowers every drop of paint to give beauty and innovation in equal measure.

Our new logo is a symbol of our new DNA

The new Shalimar Paints logo stands solid and strong. Reminiscent of our century-old legacy and at the same time exuding modernity and progression, the new logo affirms our commitment to a bright future as one of India's fastest growing paint companies.

The bold and perfect square, with the stencil-stylised "S", symbolises the coming together of Art and Science.