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Tips on care of the surface after painting is over

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After Painting
The newly painted surface should not be cleaned for minimum 15-20 days after application of finished coat. In case of severe staining (like spilled food) clean the walls immediately before the stain dries up, with mild soap & water solution. Shalimar's emulsions and distempers are washable. This means they can be periodically cleaned with mild soap water solution. However, very old & stubborn stains would be difficult to remove from the surface. Exterior/Interior walls must be checked periodically for loose, flaking or peeling paint as these are the initial signs of water leakage or seepage problems. Once signs of moisture are detected, they should be checked and resolved immediately. Leaving the problem unresolved could be a much costlier undertaking at a later stage.
Common Issues
Algae, dampness, dust marks & colour fading