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An Introductory Guide to Wood Painting

16 Apr 2020

Discarding old furniture and getting new ones is not always the right option. In many cases, it is better to resurface the old furniture, and nothing beats painting for the purpose. If you don’t have prior experience in painting wooden furniture, you can always get started with some expert painting tips.

Interior Distemper Paints: Benefits and Process of Application

16 Apr 2020

People often get confused when choosing a suitable type of paint for their homes. While there are numerous options, professional distemper paints are some of the oldest and cost-effective options that you can apply to beautify and protect walls.

Answering Commonly Asked Questions about Exterior Primer

10 Oct 2019

Exterior wall primer is an important preparatory coating to be applied on all surfaces before the application of wall paint. Be it improved adhesion of paint or the additional protection to the underlying surface, applying a coat of exterior primer before wall painting has several noteworthy benefits.