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Professional Interior Paints

Whether you are taking up a residential or commercial project, no decor can be complete without professional interior painting. When looking to buy premium quality professional wall paints for the interior, you are at home with Shalimar Paints. We offer a rich catalogue of everything you need to give your interior walls fresh colors that last for years. From Emulsions and Distempers to Primers and Putty, we have everything you need under one roof.


Emulsions are a popular solution when it comes to painting walls and ceilings. They are water-based, dry comparatively quicker, are easy to apply, and have less smell. Choose from options such as:

  • Master- Higher coverage and uniform finish
  • No. 1 Silk - Smooth luxurious matt finish, higher opacity, and excellent coverage
  • Superlac Advance - Lavish smoothness, rich matt finish, excellent flow, fast-drying, and stain, bacterial & fungus resistant
  • Superlac Stay Clean - Superior stain resistance and water-beading feature.
  • Signature - Long-lasting, luxurious, and stain-free finish. Rich and bright colors.


A high-quality distemper is essential to keep wall colors fresh for extended periods. Shalimar Paints offers No. 1 Premium Acrylic Distemper that gives you a range of other benefits such as:

  • Value for money
  • High coverage
  • Excellent whiteness
  • Smooth luxurious matt finish
  • Ease of application


A primer is a special paint that is applied on or before the finish coat of paint to increase adhesion and bring out a uniform surface for professional interior painting. Shalimar Paints offers different high-quality primer options:

  • Water Thinnable Cement Primer - For application on surfaces such as sand-plastered, concrete, and asbestos. Quick-drying, fast recoating time, and smooth finish.
  • Universal White Primer - For application on surfaces such as sand-plastered, wood, and ferrous metal substrates. Quick-drying, smooth, and gives the whitest color.

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When what you need is a professional interior painting job, you need the best professional wall paints in the market. You can discuss your requirements with our team of experts and get answers to all your questions. Call 1800 103 6509 or email us at feedback@shalimarpaints.com.

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