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When looking for the highest quality floor paints for residential or commercial applications, nothing beats Shalimar Paints’ Heart Brand Floor Oxide. Our Heart Brand Dry Color is designed for application on cement floors and works wonders all the time whether you are looking for exterior or interior floor paint. Originally brought to India by the Portuguese and Italians, the art of mixing cement and oxide for flooring purposes has refused to let go of its charm.

Why Use Floor Oxide?

Apart from its charm, long history, and enduring results as reflected in historic architectural masterpieces such as the 400-year old Padmanabhapuram Palace in Thuckalay, Tamil Nadu, floor oxide is also an economically viable floor painting solution. You also stand to benefit from Shalimar Paints’ unflinching dedication to research and develop the best floor paints and pigments that you need to transform your floors without burning a hole in your wallet.

Transform Your Floors the Shalimar Way!

Order Shalimar Paints’ floor paints today to give your floors the desired aesthetics and protection. Our team of experts is always available to help you with your requirements and answer all your questions about floor paints and other paint solutions that you may need for the interior, exterior, and a whole range of items. Call 1800 103 6509 or email us at feedback@shalimarpaints.com.

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