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Wood Paint

Wood paint not only helps extend the lifespan of wooden items, such as doors, furniture, and window frames, it can also breathe a new lease of life into old wooden items. While wood is known for its versatility and beauty, its porous nature makes it vulnerable to moisture-induced damage and termite infestation. Applying the best paint for wood helps protect wooden surfaces from moisture, insects, and direct sunlight.

What’s We Offer

Shalimar Paints brings to you premium wood paint solutions including primer, enamel, and varnish, allowing you to enhance the aesthetic appeal of various types of wood surfaces while boosting their lifespan.


Wood primers are a preparatory coating applied on wooden surfaces before the application of wood paint. They improve the lifespan of the paint coat and offer additional strength to the wooden surface. Shalimar Paints offers Universal White Primer and Shalimar Pink Primer, available in matte and gloss finish with a number of benefits, such as quick drying property and reduced patchiness.


Enamels help impart a glossy finish to wood surfaces and also make them more durable. They are commonly applied on surfaces that are exposed to external elements, such as outdoor furniture and doors. Shalimar Paints’ range of wood enamel paints include Superlac High Gloss Enamel and Jetlac Carewood Enamel. The key features of our enamel paints include their excellent adhesion and long-lasting coat.


Varnish is a clear and transparent coating that is applied as a finish on wooden surfaces to improve their aesthetics and accentuate the natural tone and grains of wood. Varnish not only helps amplify the beauty of wooden surfaces, it also acts as a protective coating that preserves their appeal for years to come. Shalimar Paints offers Superlac Clear Synthetic Varnish that comes with various benefits such as weather resistance, quick drying ability, and a long-lasting glossy finish.

Order Today!

Wooden surfaces last long and maintain their rustic charm when cared for and maintained properly. Whether you’re looking for wood door paint or varnish, your search ends at Shalimar Paints. Explore our range of wood paint products and order today. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your requirements, simply call 1800-103-6509 or write to us at feedback@shalimarpaints.comand we will take it from there.

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